VOL. XLIII NO. 1 -  January 2019

Oakland Leaf Newsletter Holiday 2019

Holiday Happenings!

December always finds Oakland House Museum decked in holiday cheer and bustling with activity… and this year was no exception. As an extra treat, to celebrate the 41st Annual Santa House, the man in red came to town in style. For both Saturday grand entrances, Santa swapped out his reindeer for an Affton firetruck. Many thanks to our friends at the Affton Fire Protection District for arranging these special big rig arrivals!

Throughout the festive, multi-day event, 1,338 Santa House attendees listened in rapt attention to the Story Lady’s seasonal tale and delighted in a holiday puppet show. The aroma of freshly-baked cookies led to the cozy kitchen for a chat and treat with Mrs. Claus. No Santa House visit would be complete without a chance to sit on the lap of St. Nick himself.

The Ladies of Oakland netted $1,551.00 from craft sales and $583.00 from raffle sales, while the Santa House profited $4,932.70, for an event total profit of $7,066.70. Year after year, families return to Santa House because they enjoy the beautiful decorations, the festive atmosphere and the thrill of meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus in person… but most of all, they appreciate the hard work and friendliness of the folks at Oakland.

THANK YOU to all who contributed their time & talents to Santa House 2018!


2019 Newsletter with Jacqueline and PamThe AHS faithful turned out in force for the annual Members Christmas Party on December 15. The mansion was richly decorated in yuletide splendor and the dining table was heaped with scrumptious delicacies.

The annual “Guess the Number of M&M’s” Contest was handled a little differently this year. An accurate count of candies was not recorded, so even though members submitted guesses, their names went into a raffle instead. Mary Kirschman won a free, one-year membership, and Jacqueline Brown won the jar of M&M’s. (FYI… the M&M count is estimated to be approximately 650). The lucky winners of the annual Ladies of Oakland Christmas Raffle were Judy Erbs ($100), Edna Deardeuff (Baby Quilt) and Mrs. Dempsey (Christmas Tree).

Many thanks to : Party Chairperson Dot Huebener, to Nancy Herndon-Ulrich for the Grand Centerpiece, and to Party hosts Jeri Akiki, Charlie Brown, Pam Danklef, Marilyn Hammon, Rosie Miller, Joyce Rich, Sheila Savka, Rose Vitale, Mary Jane Autry, Ingrid Giddings, Trudy Seise, Nancy Herndon-Ulrich and Rhonda Kottemann. We can’t wait ‘til Christmas rolls around again for another great holiday party!



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